OK What Is The Power of The Internet?


I’ll choose to focus on this comment towards the end of Suresh’s email:

The promise of the Internet wasn’t merely to inflate relationships, without adding depth, resonance, and meaning. It was to fundamentally rewire people, communities, civil society, business, and the state — through thicker, stronger, more meaningful relationships

In particularly, ‘fundamentally rewire”…

Rewire is a bit much for me, but I do think that the Internet gives people a vastly different experience of what is possible – how they can connect with others, and the freedom and thrill in doing so. The Internet and social media has enabled folks to break down barriers, bridge silos and get things done, in ways that they’ve never dreamed of….and, they’ve done it in a tangible way. Give me an experience – and I will take that experience and bring it into another place, space and time, with other folks. Give me an experience, and see how I feel from it – and let that guide my future behaviour.

I think the Internet, well, people have done that, with its enabling power and promise.

– Randy

Source:  http://groups.google.com/group/openkollab/browse_thread/thread/685373f65d871dcd#


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