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Don’t worry about not “speaking” to friends

Discovering the first Facebook friend from the past is a revelation. You send them a long letter telling of your life since grade school, and they respond in kind. With the second connection you will do a little less. By the 10th, it is just hello, and beyond that you do not acknowledge them at all. You read each other’s posts and make occasional comments. You might never connect directly, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Companies using Facebook as a means to strengthening interaction between employees and stakeholders (i.e., affinity groups) would be wise to read this para carefully. It can create problems, if folks are not prepared for what might happen online vs. normally in the face to face environment. In a sense, the online world has its own norms and culture – here’s the opportunity to connect across levels, functions and roles – and some folks may be totally open to it, and others not interested at all. As Nike says, ‘just do it’ – but do it, with patience and reasonable expectations.

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