Global Risks & Collaboration

As recent mega-disasters and crises have shown, risk management from a single perspective is no longer adequate to address the complex threats to today’s society. The conference will address different kinds of risks, disasters and crises. A truly integrated and participative approach is planned to ensure that the valuable lessons learned about risk reduction from a wide spectrum are applied correctly to create safer, more resilient and thus sustainable societies for the benefit of communities, countries and regions.

The following topics of interest will be discussed at the IDRC Davos 2010:

The world is facing increasing threats and challenges, which cannot be solved by one organization alone. Collaboration and coordination with others in our ‘brave new world’ is essential. Would love to be a fly on the wall in this conference, and receive some of the outputs, to see where folks are going.

One of the key areas is Governance and Decision-Making, because the folks on the front lines have to be sufficiently empowered to (1) make decisions; and (2) report back to the center (command centre) just what they are seeing on the ground – so a valuable coordinating function is not lost.

Moreover, it’s also essential that front line folks have sufficient access to training, which helps them in emergencies – whether it’s simulation, mentoring or targeted interventions supported by communities of practice – upon which they can draw lessons learned, before, during and after. …Because the ‘last’ crisis is never really the ‘crisis to end all crises’.

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