Entrepreneurs must embrace social media

Two weeks ago, Jagger read a New York Times article by Wealth Matters reporter Paul sullivan on the failings of home-security systems (slow police response and drained alarm batteries that take weeks to replace).

Blogging about that article, he linked to the Times story and noted the situation is worse than sullivan had suggested.

Then he pointed out that his company solves many of those problems — through alarms that automatically signal Provident when their batteries are low, and its five-minute response guarantee.

Jagger then cited the benefits of “Five-Minute Proofing” — installing window blocks and deadbolts on your bedroom door, to slow thieves down. and he linked to both a previous blog post and a video he’d made on the subject.

But Jagger didn’t stop there. he emailed sullivan about his blog post. so when sullivan wrote a followup article a few days later, he devoted one-third of his story to Jagger’s “five-minute fixes” and quoted from his blog post.

Best of all, he mentioned Jagger’s response guarantee, giving Provident a huge marketing win for very little effort.

Then, of course, Jagger twittered about the whole thing.

Who says the local newspaper isn’t a source of interesting information? These days, the print publications – The Ottawa Citizen – is publishing opinion pieces about the power of social media, to engage customers.

Here’s a story about an entrepreneur, who ‘enterprisingly’ uses social media to get his message out. I’ve excerpted an interesting trail of activities that he’s used to connect with his audience and a larger audience. He’s giving a model about how to use these social media services – but it’s important to be aware that it takes time, discipline and persistence to work this into one’s daily routines.

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