Wikinomics – Successful approaches to open government

Tools the U.S. Government uses

What applications make the Open Government policy possible?, a homepage hosted by the General Services Administration (GSA), is the online source for the departments to look for appropriate cloud computing applications. Program developers have to negotiate with the GSA to get an entry in this online database. Here is a short overview of some tools used in the Open Government Initiative:

  • IdeaScale: The U.S. Government used this platform to generate ideas for the Open Government Plans. IdeaScale facilitates discussions, people can vote and comment on ideas.
  • UserVoice: The Department of Housing and Urban Development uses UserVoice to share ideas and discuss those ideas for the department’s strategic plan 2010-2015. In this case, the discussion is separated into different themes. In contrary to IdeaScale, the number of votes is limited.
  • VenCorpsThe VenCorps platform enables collaborative competitions. The Department of Education uses VenCorps
    for The advantage of VenCorps is that it already has a big community that uses the platform. Within VenCorps, users can attain a higher reputation by frequent contribution to the community.

Open Government is taking hold, with the availability of resources for citizens to connect with each other, and leverage government services and data.

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