Cool Radio Experience and Synchronous Learning

I’m one of many people having a blast listening to and helping to program Radio ds106 (widget on the sidebar)… While at first glance it is something that seems superfluous and even gratuitous (“…a course with its own radio station?”) its provided a fun means for people to collaborate in a loose yet integrated way, connect in real time, and I suspect it will provide a fine platform for the synchronous elements of the course as it proceeds (live events are being planned).

Had a cool experience in the wee hours last night. None other than UBC learning media maven, Brian Lamb and company, rang me up via Skype and treated me to an impromptu real-time interview, via Radio ds106. Chatted up with Jason (SFU), a significant other, and more – even got treated to a new theme song / diddly created on the fly. Pity it wasn’t recorded.

It had a distinctly different feeling and energy as compared to a Webinar. Grassrootsy yes – but there was a lively feel, a coziness and connectedness, as if I was truly in their living room, and they, in mine. Now it was about 2 am – and had the makings of a truly excellent dream….but I know it was no dream at all. It was, a great experience.


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