[OK] A story of climate change, drought, irrigation ideas and struggles to share information.

Hi Joanna,

Great to hear your enthusiasm.

If it's OK with you (no pun intended), we'll be back to you, and others for feedback during the process of creating this project matching system. Your feedback and others – as we develop it – will be essential in ensuring alignment of the system to your needs, and a precursor to wider adoption and use by the climate change sector, and other sectors to follow.

– Randy

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 9:10 PM, Joanna Ashworth <jashwort@sfu.ca> wrote:

Hi there:

I am fascinated by this example Pamela as I am directing a project at my university called engaging diaspora in development – we are meeting so many people who are leading projects in the Global South based in Vancouver and could really benefit from a platform that connects them with their local partners and with each other – to exchange ideas, problem solve, fund raise, etc.

Really looking forward to what approaches to "matching" interests and collaborating are possible for your project…

Best wishes,

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

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From: Pamela McLean <pamela.mclean@dadamac.net>
To: openkollab@googlegroups.com, post@posterous.com
Sent: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 16:52:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [OK] A story of climate change, drought, irrigation ideas and struggles to share information.

Hi coalition friends. (and readers of my open letters at http://dadamac.posterous.com )

Here is my contribution to the discussions about enabling projects to find each other and rub minds.

This is the kind of challenge that attracted me to CotW. It is genuine story. It hope it  will help you to understand why I find it hard to answer questions related to neatly categorised projects.

There are four main people/organisations in this story, including me.  I have high-trust long term relationships with the others -John (Nigeria), Graham (UK)  and Sam (Kenya), and am trying
to see if there is any useful overlap between them in the area of irrigation and recent changes in the rains. So, in this story I am simply connecting up some
people who I know. In addition there may be other potential relevant
collaborators – perhaps Appropedia or others we may find through
Coaltion of the Willing (There is more background information to be found through the links below the list)

  1. There is me/Dadamac-UK-and-online – I am an information connection- not only in the area of climate change but regarding other UK-Africa information exchanges too. I am hoping so much that the techie brilliance that I see at work in CotW will help me to help information flow more effectively.
  2. There is John Dada/Dadamac-Nigeria/Fantsuam Foundation – he is experimenting with irrigation methods at Attachab – partly through general interest in permaculture and partly because of awareness of local changing weather patterns
  3. There is Graham Knight/Biodesign – who is trying to share information about irrigation methods
  4. There is Samwel Kongere – he is asking for help because of local changing weather patterns and drought in his area

I sent an email out to Sam and Graham on Sunday  – [mendenyo] Saving water (also relevant COTW and climate change

I got replies from them on Monday  – Ref saving water – and Climate Change – thanks Sam and Graham

Chasing up progress at Attachab with John is an agenda item for our Wednesday meeting – UK Nigeria team (and meetings)       

The need is great and my response is puny. I hope CotW will help me to do more.



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