About Randy Fisher


I’m WikiRandy, and I’m a senior consultant with iCentro in Ottawa, Canada.  I also work with the International Centre for Open Education / OER Foundation in NZ, for organization development and capacity-building for open education projects.

My Bio

I have considerable expertise in using social media and e-learning technologies for business applications. He uses wikis, blogs and social networking tools for collaboration, participatory (action) learning and strategic engagement, movement and momentum. Randy facilitates and builds high-performing, scalable and sustainable projects,  learning communities and living networks, and coaches people for high levels of interest, motivation and readiness for cultural change / transition.

I’m passionate about collaboration to achieve desired outcomes on complex issues with an engaged sense of ownership, pride and belonging.

I have a Masters in Organization Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University (with a specialty in complex adaptive systems and community engagement using social media). He holds a post-graduate degree in Journalism (King’s) and a BA in Political Science (McGill). He is a Certified Advanced Technology Manager (Newbridge Networks/CATA Alliance), and also holds certifications in the Birkman Method, Myers-Briggs, Strong, Instructional Design and Train-the-Trainer methodologies.

I am a member of the governing council of WikiEducator (a COL project), a community of 18,000+ educators in 120 countries (a top 100K website with 10M hits a month), dedicated to developing free and open education resources (OERs). I am a top contributor (24,000+ edits); and provide facilitation and community-building services.  My resume.